2022 Darling Wildflower Show Weekend

Less than a week to go! The oldest consecutive wildflower show in the Southern Hemisphere begun as wildflower arranging competition in 1917 and has over time evolved into a meticulously landscaped display and specimen table which allow visitors to see the beauty of the region up close. Each of the regions unique habitats namely strandveld, sandveld, renosterveld, granite outcrops and vleiland (season pans) is represented and specimens can be seen up close at a specimen table with labelled specimens.

Wildflower Exhibition 2018

This year the Darling Wildflower Show will take place from the 16 to 18 September 2022 at the Darling Museum. Tickets are R90 per person (12 years and up), children under 12 years are free and on Friday 16th pensioners pay R60 per person. Online tickets can be purchased from Quicket.

In addition to the landscaped display and specimen table visitors can purchase indigenous and water-wise plants at the Darling Wildflower Show market, explore the Darling Museum, visit the Darling Arts Exhibition at the Marmalade Cat. marvel at the orchids at the Annual Orchid Show at Duckitt Nursery and visit the Darling Brew market place. Not to mention the several wildflower reserves to be explored in and around Darling.

Oudepost at Duckitt Nursery

We look forward to welcoming you to Darling this weekend.