About the Darling Wildflower Society

The Darling Wildflower Society was established in 1915, after pastor’s wife, Suzanne Malan, and the owner of Waylands, Frederick Duckitt, decided that the natural beauty of Darling should be shared with others.  They wanted to display Darling’s botanical wealth for the world to see while at the same time promoting the conservation of flowers amongst the farmers of the district.

Darling Wild Flower Society

1948 Darling Wildflower Society Committee
Back: Helene Duckitt, Mrs. Brand, Elise Melck, Tinie Versfeld, Monica Duckitt, Junior Duckitt, Maisie Krige, Josie Basson, Baby (Beatrice) Versfeld. Middle: Minnie van Breda, Annie Basson, Charlotte Duckitt, Binnie Groenewoud.  Front: Nicolene Duckitt (Versfeld), Sannie le Roux.

Over the years the Society has evolved into a Not-for-Profit Organisation and all members on the committee that run the day to day operations and implement projects are passionate volunteers.   A Show Implementation Team comprising of volunteers from the committee and community is appointed each year to oversee the coordination of the wildflower show.

Today the Society and its members are laying a solid foundation by not only raising awareness of the importance of conserving our natural heritage but also through several conservation based initiatives and projects.  Visit the Darling Wildflower Society Projects page for more information on our ongoing projects and how you can become involved.