Darling Wildflower Society Projects

Darling Wildflower Show

The flagship project of the Darling Wildflower Society is the annual wildflower show, hosted in Darling on the third weekend of September. The Darling Wildflower Society committee and its members as well as volunteers from the community have been responsible for planning, building, and hosting the event for over 100 years. To volunteer at the Darling Wildflower Show please contact the Darling Wildflower Society at darlingwildflowers@gmail.com

Visit our Event Sponsorship and Donation page to find out how to become a sponsor or make a donation towards the 2024 Darling Wildflower Show or contact the Darling Wildflower Society committee.

Reserves and nature gardens

The Darling Wildflower Society was directly involved in the establishment of the two municipal wildflower reserves, Groenekloof and Darling Renosterveld, and continues to assist the Swartland Municipality with their ongoing management and maintenance.  In addition the Society has also taken on the beautification of the community garden and vleiland opposite Cioa, Darling restaurant. The Society receives a grant from the Swartland Municipality to assist with activities such as maintaining footpaths, fences and firebreaks, period burns and grazing as well as removing invasive plants.  Notice of planned burns and alien clearing activities will be posted on our social media. Interested members of the public will be invited to assist with a wildlife Search & Rescue prior to the activity.

Youth Environmental Education

The youth environmental education or Darling Kids program started as a small environmental education initiative aimed at providing the children from Darling and surrounds with fun environmentally based activities. The objective of the project is, not only to provide the children with safe and fun outdoor activities during holidays but also add value to the children by expanding their knowledge of the area and its botanical wealth and nurturing a sense of ownership.

At present the project is funded solely by the Darling Wildflower Society and is facilitated by the Society’s Youth Coordinator Angelique Rosant. To become involved or make a donation towards the Darling Youth Environmental Education Program please contact us at darlingwildflowers@gmail.com for more information.

Darling Herbarium and Flora Project

The Darling Wildflower Society Herbarium was founded around 2000 and serves as a record of the species occurring in region. Thanks to the meticulous work of the Darling Wildflower Society and Flora Project later the Darling Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (C.R.E.W) more than 2000 species have been collected, identified, pressed, mounted and stored in the herbarium cupboards.

The Society has recently obtained space at the Darling Museum for the development of an office and conservation center which will also house the herbarium. To view the collection please send a request to the Darling Wildflower Society committee at darlingwildflowers@gmail.com