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Tips For Your Next Flower Viewing Trip!

– The best time for viewing is between 10:30 and 16:00 during the warmest part of the day when the flowers are open.
– The day temperature must be at least 18 degrees Celsius.
– Sunny days are best for the opening of flowers. Rainy or overcast weather is not ideal so avoid disappointment. Plan to visit other sights on such days.
– Flowers face the sun and are therefore best displayed when traveling with the sun behind you. Viewers are advised to travel north soon after departure and then to do most flower-viewing by moving in a southerly direction.
– When taking a circular route, try traveling in a westerly direction in the morning, followed by a southerly one and finally an easterly one.
– Get out of the car and walk amongst the flowers but make sure to also look for the delicate, smaller species.
– Tread lightly and carefully so as not to trample plants unnecessarily.
– Please don’t pick any flowers.
– Many outlying areas do not have mobile phone reception.
– Make sure that you set off on your journey with a full tank as fuel is not readily available everywhere. It is thus also important that you take your own drinking water.

What To Wear

– Long pants/trousers and comfortable shoes for walking around in the fields.
– Insect repellent is also essential.

Advice To Tourists

  • The Darling Flower line +27 (0)84 916 1111
  • Try to book your accommodation in advance.
  • Most towns along the flower routes have fuel stations, ATM’s and mobile reception.
  • Please note that the further north you travel, the greater the distance between towns become!
  • Stop and ask the friendly locals for advice on flower hot spots and distances.
  • Namakwa/West Coast flower maps are available at all tourism information offices.