Great Southern Bioblitz 2021 – southern Africa

6 Cities, 8 regions, 1 province and 2 countries in southern Africa and 2 in central Africa are taking part in the Great Southern Bioblitz 2021. Please join in the fun! For participating cities and countries visit the INaturalist Project Umbrella page.

If you live in or can visit one of our participating cities from October 22-25th 2021, you can take part by recording any plants, animals or fungi within the city boundaries. This involves taking photos and uploading the observations. We recommend that you consider using the smartphone app, uploadable on the address strip below.

If you unfortunately cannot make it, you can still help by helping us with identifications. These can start on 22 October, but need to be done by by the deadline (TBC). You can help any city – or all of them: especially if you are knowledgeable in some groups. Please watch the journal of this project (join to get updates), and the Facebook page for details.

Contact your local CREW or Friends groups or your local reserve manager to see what they have planned in your area.

Text adapted from INaturalist

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