Wildflower Reserves – Waylands

Located on Waylands Farm – Entrance off the R315

The Waylands wildflower reserve was started by Frederick Duckitt in the early 1900’s. Visitors have been allowed access to the reserve during flower season and are encouraged to enjoy the spectacular spring displays on the farm.

Carpets of Arum lilies, Blue Flax and Chinckerechee paint the landscape while small and delicate Froetangs, Dew flowers and Wine Cups can be seen up close while exploring on foot.

The wildflower reserve forms an integral part of Waylands farming activities, and is actively grazed by cattle and sheep from the time the seed has set in late November to the end of April before winter sets in. This allows the animals to actively spread the seed, in addition to occasional autumn burning of the veld every 15 years, is imperative in promoting the growth of the wild flowers.

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